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Warmup (2016)

Instrumentation: A choir of Soprano I, Soprano II, Alto, Tenor, Bass.

Duration: 5'30''

As a child, I was told by a music teacher that I do not know how to sing, and that it is better if I just keep playing (on the recorder, at the time). Many years later, as a composition student at The BMSM, I had to sing in a choir for three years. Believing I cannot sing at all, it was a struggle. However, thanks to that obligatory course, I found out that even though I have a very small, undeveloped voice (it make sense if you never try, no?), I can definitely sing in tune. In the 3rd year I even began to enjoy. Then also came the idea: I have to form the different elements of our warmup into a piece.

Students of The Contemporary Music Workshop at the BMSM

Soprano I - Tom Cohen, Sivan Keren, Adva Rudis

Soprano II - Tamar Ben Ozer, Vered Klein

Alto - Yarden Kiperman, Roni Bar, Ilan Sofer

Tenor - Alexander Lang, Nir Sharoni

Bass - Roy Fridman, Nimrod Meiry-Haftel, Akkad Izre'el

Conductor - Avi Taler

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