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Reloading... (2022)

Instrumentation: Clarinet in Bb and string quartet

Duration: 7'

Composed for Divertimento Ensemble as part of the VIII International Workshop for Young Composers.

Premiered at Orsolina28, Moncalvo, Italy, September 2022.

As young composers, we are accustomed to consistently processing information and applying it to our next pieces. However, at times, it is necessary to take a break and engage in a different kind of research. This clarinet quintet is the result of a conscious process of self-reloading. Despite having some aesthetic rules, the main idea is to prioritize following the material, with the hope that one's inner world can resonate with others. Without adhering to a strict narrative or resisting clichés, this is 'Reloading...'


Divertimento Ensemble

Conductor - Sandro Gorli

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