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Clouds of White (2023)

Instrumentation: Saxophone and Contrabass

Duration: 11'

Commissioned by the Tzlil Meudcan Festival. Premiered on July 4th, 2023.

Clouds of White is a political piece. It is based on the idea of extreme political parties that have no intention of compromising, even when their ideology becomes more important than the citizens who they are supposed to represent.
This one movement piece contains three sections. The beginning and end are messy and restless, while the middle part is the unattainable utopia. At that point, a well known song is quoted, enabling the instruments to feel at home, in a familiar setting derived from jazz music. At the very end of the piece, the pitch disappears completely, representing a world without compassion and kindness.

Saxophone - Marcus Weiss

Contrabass - Pietro Barcellona

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