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Chamber Works

Entanglement (2020)

composed in collaboration with Guy Rauscher

Ensemble Adapter

Couples III - The Bride of the Wind (2020)

Guitars - Lukas Schmidlehner, Marco Cesare

Spatio-Temporal Etude (2019)

composed in collaboration with Guy Rauscher

Violin - Zoe Pouri

Trombone - Paco Olmedo Molina

Harp - Alice Belugou

Who? (2018)

Violin - Yuval Nuri Shem-Tov, Yanal Khoury

Viola - Bar Perets

Cello - Yael Sheizaf

Spirit (2017)

Tuba - Tom Yaron Meyerson
Piano - Nimrod Meiry-Haftel

Couples I (2017)

Violin - Marta Sikora

Cello - Uri Shinitsky

*press here for another performance*

Ein Bi Davar (2016)

Countertenor & lyrics - Jonathan Avidan

Piano - Raissa Traibish

Pebbles (2016)

from Meitar Ensemble:

Flute - Hagar Shahal

Bassoon - Nadav Cohen

Piano - Amit Dolberg

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Indie Trio (2015)

Clarinet - Oded Shnei Dor

Cello - Sonia Navot

Piano - Santiago Rojas Huespe 

Conductor - Jonathan Govezensky

More chamber works:

- Couples II (for flute and saxsophone)

- Alma (a song for baritone and piano)

- Kad HaBosem (a song for mezzo-soprano, piano and tuba/any other instrument with a suitable range)

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